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Great Yarmouth-based Sonar Equipment Services will now trade under the name of Subsea Technology & Rentals (STR) to better reflect the broader range of products and associated services they now supply to the subsea sector following a restructure and significant investment in premises, people and equipment. UK-based Sonar Equipment Services, which specialises in the supply of subsea survey equipment, has been renamed Subsea Technology and Rentals (STR). Mitcham’s worldwide Marine Technology Products segment, which includes its Seamap and Klein Marine Systems units, designs, manufactures and sells specialized, high performance, marine sonar and seismic equipment. The advancement of the technology has been driven by the fishing industry– good sonar images let anglers know where to find big fish– but its level of sophistication and its falling price are making it attractive to search and rescue, he added.

Sonar Equipment Services is a market leader in the supply and rental of subsea electronic technology. With a heritage in towed sonar equipment, we have built on our reputation for delivering quality by diversifying our surface to subsea technology and incorporated services. Transducer Item A-TD25 Frequency 50 & 200KHz Power 600 & 300W Cable Length 10m/3P Housing Bronze Installation Thru-Hull Packing Size 25.5 x12.5 x9.5 cm Weight 1.1 kg Feature: l High Sensitivity, Strong Anti-interference l Firm and Durable, High Frequency Precision l Good target detail in shallow water at 200KHz and good deep-water bottom tracking at 50KHz l Frequency: 50KHz, 200KHz, 50 & 200KHz; Wide range of frequency l Power: 1KW, 1.5 KW, 1.8 KW, 3KW l Bronze or rubber housings are available; Wide range of molding materials available l High reliability fish finder transducer l Excellent noise characteristics Function: A) Use chiefly for hydrolocation in rivers, seas and lakes; B) Use special technology, can work using either one or two resonance frequencies; C) Using wide-band technology, receiving sensitivity and transmitting.

“The successful completion of this project underlines our ability to identify and source the right technology from our diverse array of survey and subsea equipment and then integrate together a highly effective, functional and fully tested package which meets the customer’s requirements.” This conference will feature advanced underwater technology and scientific use of submarine cables & related technologies. Through partnerships with manufacturers and other suppliers, such as EdgeTech, Innova and Neptune Oceanographics, STR provides sales as well as rental services and is well positioned to provide procurement guidance for a range of subsea technology. Recognising the benefits of Sixth Generation (6G) acoustic technology, Sonar Equipment Services has placed its first order with Sonardyne International Ltd. Recognising the benefits of Sixth Generation (6G ®) acoustic technology, Sonar Equipment Services has placed its first order with Sonardyne International Ltd. Fishermen also use active sonar and echo sounder technology to determine water depth, bottom contour, and bottom composition. Acoustic technology is especially well suited for underwater applications since sound travels farther and faster underwater than in air. Two types of technology share the name “sonar”: passive sonar is essentially listening for the sound made by vessels; active sonar is emitting pulses of sounds and listening for echoes.

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