Sonar history of components

In 1994 industry expert Les Ford founded Sonar Equipment Services (SES) and began working extensively with key components to produce marine survey equipment designed to meet customer’s needs. UNITED KINGDOM – Great and household products.Nowadays, Raut SA is a manufacturer of sonars, gas, energy and navigation main shareholder of Răut SA is the Government of the Republic of Moldova – 76, 5%. Supplier of: Radar and radio navigation equipment sections for the shipbuilding industry metalworking lathes automotive – parts and components hydroacoustics. Capabilities: Airframes; Aircraft components; Mechanical components; Engineering; Machining; Mechanical assembly; Engine components; OEM Approved; ISO 9001:2003; Bearings; Seals, mounts, rings; Blowers and fans; Flying training; Torches; Pressing; Rubber mouldings components; Packaging components and equipment; Sonar equipment, systems; Accessories; Nuclear engineering equipment; Circuit boards; Fire, smoke detection, alarm equipment; Radioactive components and materials. Capabilities: Rotary Wing; UAV; Project management; Communication systems, equipment; Aerospace consultancy; Missiles,rockets,sub-munitions; Arresting, stopping systems, equipment; Cockpit systems, equipment; Defence systems; Security systems; Weapon systems; Warning systems; Optical systems, equipment, components; Flying training; Training systems; UAV systems; Human factors; Tank, track vehicles and components; Communications consultancy; Crisis, disaster, emergency consultancy; Operational requirements; Operational simulation; Aerials, antenna; Aircraft armament; Radio control systems; Remote control vehicles; Sonar equipment, systems; Mine clearance systems; Operational systems; Facilities management; Property and Facilities management; Information systems, technology consultancy; Armour personal, body; CBRN agent protection; Night observation systems, equipment; Tracking equipment; Bomb disposal equipment; Surveillance systems, equipment; Command, control systems; Cannon; Guns and gun equipment; Infantry training; Sighting systems, equipment; Training simulation; Armoured; Guided weapon systems, equipment; Armoured protection components; Aerial surveillance systems, equipment; Encryption systems, equipment, services; Counter terrorist equipment; Countermeasures equipment; Explosive detection systems, equipment; Radar systems, equipment; Maintenance simulation; Fuzing; Air combat simulation; Air defence simulation; Flight control simulation; Infantry simulation; Radar simulation; Minefield, mine clearance simulation; CBRN equipment; Army training courses; Firearms simulation; Monitoring; Defence management, acquisition, marketing training courses; CBRN consultancy; Maritime security; Explosives consultancy; Remote control vehicle equipment; Anti tank; CBRN training; Bomb, blast, explosion suppression devices; Fibre optic equipment; Chaff, chaff dispensers; Mine countermeasures systems, equipment; Tactical simulation; Disruptors EOD; Mortars and mortar location equipment; Weapon carriage; Deception equipment; Defence acquisition and support systems; Anti ship, air; Stealth technology equipment; Security; Homeland security; Communication training; Protection, security systems, equipment; Managed services; Thermal imaging systems, equipment; Close protection training; Conflict management training; Close protection services; Surveillance training; Threat analysis; Airport, port, transport security; Counter terrorism consultancy; Counter surveillance systems, equipment; Perimeter protection, security; Armour; Covert systems, equipment; Counter terrorism training; Security guards; Conflict resolution; Jamming equipment; Communication installation, integration; Intelligence systems; Command, control vehicles; Cameras systems, equipment; Weapons training; Hostile environment training; CBRN services; Homeland security training; Training facilities; Bomb disposal training; Ordnance, munitions consultancy; Facial recognition systems, equipment; Prisoner escorting services; Biological, chemical analysis; Intelligent character recognition.

For subsea equipment that is under extreme pressure when operating in deep water, SES has developed a pressure test chamber to simulate conditions where it can test components including transducers, subsea electronic housing and connectors.