SonarQube Decsription and tutorial

Using Jenkins to build your application, running tests with Jacoco code coverage, making SonarQube analysis, and saving all results to SonarQube online is a great way of deploying your applications. As SonarQube provide details of different errors and coding quality level analysis it helps developers to improve the code quality and also helps to improve the coding skills.

SonarQube provides the facility to create your own quality profiles, in which you can define Sonar Rules which can be shared among different projects. SonarQube enables the centralized system of storing the code metrics which allows an organization to estimate and predict risks of the project. SonarQube is an open platform to manage code quality.

Pushing test result, test coverage report and SonarQube analysis report to SonarQube Server. SonarQube is a central server that processes which covers full analyses which need to be triggered by the various SonarQube Scanners. The main difference between SonarQube and the other tools is that the code analysis runs externally in your CI server (continue integration server) and the result is sent to SonarQube.

SonarQube categorizes Issues in the different type. The overview of the project will show the results of the SonarQube analysis. Anything that affects code base, from minor styling details to critical design errors, is inspected and evaluated by SonarQube, which helps software application developers to identify the issue and its effect.

SonarQube (formerly known as Sonar) is an open source tool suite to measure and analyze to the quality of source code. More than 60 community and commercial plugins are available for SonarQube, making it easy to enhance your experience with extra languages, metrics, pages. When you complete all these steps, you will be able to run SonarQube analysis for each deployment.

Inside the tag add SonarQube project properties. The user can connect to a SonarQube server and bind your Visual Studio solution to a SonarQube project. This analysis is processed by the SonarQube server which is stored in their database.

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